Disneyland Pictures

Oh yeah – we went to Disneyland this weekend. It was pretty awesome. Erin, Drew and I drove down Friday after work, and got there about 11pm. We stayed with our friend Travis in Santa Monica, and got up at like 5:45 Saturday morning to go to the parks. We were at the parks ALL DAY LONG – back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure – and went back to Travis’ around 11pm. Then on Sunday we had brunch with some other SoCal friends, and then saw Travis’ show, Dracula at the Long Beach Playhouse. Then we drove back to the Bay Area, getting home shortly after midnight.

I stole some pictures from the album Erin posted on Facebook. Here are four of them.

At first, I thought it was charming...

...but seriously, I don't think I'm a "character" person.

Love this picture! and Tower of Terror!

Waiting for World of Color to start

There are more pictures on my camera (which I have to find) and on my phone (which I have to plug in). First world problems!

Also, this is my favorite tweet I’ve ever tweeted:


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