List of celebrities we spotted in NYC:

First: Samuel L. Jackson

We actually stood across the street from the stage door of the show he’s currently in, The Mountaintop, and waited for like 20 minutes in this massive group of people. We didn’t actually know who would come out first – him or Angela Bassett. So I’m not sure this really counts as “spotting.” This felt touristy, but you know…Samuel L. Jackson!

That's him, in the green. This was supposed to just be a picture of the mob scene, but I'm happy he stands out.

Second: Bobby Moynihan, from SNL.

Drew and I were having a snack at Pret a Manger in the concourse of Rockefeller Center, and Drew said, “That guy is from SNL.” And I said, “Which guy? That guy?” And he said, “No, the guy in the blue hoodie. Bobby Moynihan.” He had just gone into this little convenience store type place, and so I made us go over there and kind of stalk him in the aisles. He was debating over types of peanuts to buy. I wanted to say something (but what?) but then he came out of an aisle and we sort of did that “oops, excuse me” dance, and I sort of smiled but he didn’t really give me an opening.

But still…he did give us this sketch gold.

And third: Norbert Leo Butz!

It was our last day and we were at Penn Station, going to get salads before going to the airport. So we had all our stuff and looked like total tourists. I have a strong dislike for being mistaken for a tourist. Everyone had umbrellas, but Drew recognized NLB and said, “Norbert Leo Butz. Norbert Leo Butz.” over and over again so I would see him. Yay! I definitely would have liked to say something to him, but again…what would I say? Maybe something like, “I saw you in Is He Dead in like 2008, you’re the greatest!” I don’t know. Or, I know! If I had an opening I’d bring up the fact that he performed in a Samuel French festival play that I worked on!


Anyway. Thank God Drew is good at recognizing celebs. Almost all of the celebs I’ve seen are because he’s grabbed my arm and said, “That’s Mel Brooks,” or whatever. It’s just not one of my strong suits.


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