They do it with mirrors

*Spoiler alert* Dental hygienists are not wizards.

A week ago I made a dentist appointment. Not because anything was wrong, but because it had been 6 months since my last appointment, and I got one of those little postcards in the mail.

Um, thanks.

So my appointment was on Tuesday, and on Monday night I sat around thinking, “Why am I going to this thing again? I was JUST THERE.”

But adulthood is adulthood, and I mean, I went to the dentist twice a year for the first 20 years of my life, so it’s not unfamiliar territory. But it’s amazing how fast you get used to infrequent health care when you go without insurance for a few years.

But that’s all in the past now. Now I’m an adult who goes to the dentist every six months. So I went.

Near the end of my cleaning, the hygienist pointed out the top outside gums on the right side of my mouth, and said, “Your gums look a little tender here. This is where you start when you brush your teeth, isn’t it?”

And I thought for a second and said, “Wow, yeah, it is.”

And she said, “Try starting somewhere else in your mouth, because you start out brushing rougher, and by the time you get to that part of your mouth it’ll be a little softer.”

And I thought, “OMG, she’s like a wizard or something!!”

I’ve brushed my teeth 3 times since then, and I am forced to admit – I don’t naturally start brushing there at all. I start on the complete opposite side. I have no idea what the reason for weird tender gums is. Maybe I’m just extra aggressive there. I don’t know. But she’s not a wizard at all.

Illusion shattered!


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