Sleep Talking, 15!

It’s recently been suggested to me that I’m making up these “sleep talkings.” Or that Drew is faking it. While neither is true, now I’m all paranoid. So that when this happened last night:

Drew: What about them? What about them?
Me: What about what?
Drew: …The ultimate terminator.
Me: …Really?

I wondered if he was faking it. I’ve been robbed of my blind trust.

Pretty sure this one was real, though. Pretty sure.



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3 responses to “Sleep Talking, 15!

  1. jen

    didn’t mean to cause paranoia.

    based on the stuff he’s said while awake i’m sure what he says in his sleep is legit.

  2. Suzanne

    One of my brother’s is a total “Drew”. Used to say things in his sleep like “halt, who goes there” All kinds of ramblings. I am a believer.

  3. Suzanne

    oops – brothers. They don’t let you cancel and correct 😦

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