#SleepTalking #BornIn1983

Last night Drew fell asleep while I started rereading The Hunger Games.

After about half an hour, I switched off the light, which startled/terrified him, after which, he told me:

Drew: I would have killed myself.
Me: No…don’t kill yourself.
Drew: If I’d been in the a’s.
Me: The what? (Thinking, “the baseball team?”)
Drew: The 80s. I’d be so scared. Things just happen, and then (muffled, muffled, muffled) and you just do.



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4 responses to “#SleepTalking #BornIn1983

  1. Craig Marker

    I honestly believe Drew’s brain should be studied by professionals. He is a mad, dreamy genius. They need to bottle it and sell it.

  2. The Other Mrs. Phillips

    I was in high school in the 80s. I totally get what he’s saying.

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