Love comes in all forms, I guess

In 2009, shortly after Drew and I got engaged and set a date, we Googled that date to see what other historic events would be happening that day. We found the wedding myspace page of another couple, who would be getting married on the same day.

Let’s break it down. Let’s start with “wedding myspace page.”

The crazy-in-love kids appeared to be in their early 20s, living somewhere in the middle of the country. They have a pet sugar glider, and (I think I remember) some Confederate flags. They were planning on the theme of their wedding being “roses,” and planned that “Olive Garden will cater,” and they were going to charge people $400 to attend to help pay for it.

We laughed about it for an afternoon and then mostly forgot about it, until a couple weeks ago when we decided to try to find them and see if they were still together. It was ridiculously easy (as in, a single Google search) to find their myspace page – which is a special page made for both of them and their wedding. From there, it was also easy to find their personal pages.

We found more pictures of them and “blog posts,” which were mostly just boring internet memes asking the same questions over and over again. Many, many references to “going out and getting more cigs.” And then jackpot! Wedding pictures.

We spent much more time looking at all three pages – the wedding page and the personal pages – and then we tried to find them on Facebook. (No luck.) And we are just lame, bored 20-somethings! Can you imagine what we could accomplish with some actual stalker skills and possibly a dash of hacker skills?

I don’t really want to admit how much time we spent reading and laughing, but it was a great little bonding experience. And I guess the lesson learned here is: love comes in all forms. Here is a couple who probably doesn’t have the idea of the “sanctity of marriage” that we have, or that I think more people should have. But they’re still together! And they seem super happy! (Even if neither of them have jobs, or possibly have graduated from high school.)

So congratulations, P and M! Married over 2 years (their wedding date apparently changed from ours) and still going strong! Here’s to 50 more years!


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One response to “Love comes in all forms, I guess

  1. Megan

    Dude….you have to send me a link to their page!!!!!!

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