Riding in cars with boys (in other cars)

Last night, while driving home from Redding, Megan and I found ourselves tearing down the freeway at 70 mph, somewhere near Benicia, around 11:00pm. A car pulled up next to us and honked, and when Megan looked over, the driver made several “call me” motions. She just said, “What are you doing? Keep your hands on the wheel!” Then I passed a car and that Casanova car had to fall back, but a minute later they pulled up next to her again. Her new friend made more faces and gestures at her (nothing crude), and she just couldn’t stop laughing. The third time it happened, she pointed to her engagement ring, and he made a, “Okay, I’ll back off!” gesture and pulled away.

It was maybe the highlight of the drive home. Maybe not, actually, when I think about it. But it was a nice little few minutes.

But here’s my question: What was he trying to achieve? What would be the ideal outcome of that scenario for him? Was she supposed to scribble her number on a piece of paper? Gesture for them to get off at the next exit so we could all hang out? Take her top off? I mean, I know it’s just having some fun, but really, what did he want from her?


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