Getting My Planning On

This is a big year for weddings for me – I’ve never been in two in one year. But this October and then this November will find me standing up next to two of my BFFs as they each take major life steps. Feels good. It’s an honor to be asked. I guess they trust and like me!

So today I went with the November bride, and her other bridesmaid, to buy the wedding dress and to pick out our bridesmaid dresses. The other bridesmaid and I each tried on 5 dresses. We ended the trip by picking a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, which the bride is going to order from another store, where she got MUCH better customer service.

So now that’s done! OMG that feels awesome.

Then I came home and started paying bills online. Drew mentioned plane tickets, for the October wedding, which is in Connecticut. I checked JetBlue and panicked a little bit when I noticed that the tickets had gone up over the last two days, rather than going down, which I was holding out for them to do. Oh noes!

So I checked Orbitz, and tickets on Virgin America were actually down from two days ago. Not as low as I was holding out for, but I think I can recognize a sign when I see one, so we sat right down and booked SFO-JFK flights. I’ve never flown Virgin before – I’m a JetBlue girl – but I have heard good things, so I’m excited.

And now I can start dreaming about my best friends’ weddings and my New York trip! New York, I’ve missed you!


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One response to “Getting My Planning On

  1. Joe

    I want to hear more about you october plans! Will you be in the city!?

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