To friend request, or not to friend request?

Everyone’s heard that horror story, about a friend of a friend, who was up for her dream job, but then her prospective employer checked out her Facebook page, and found some unsightly pictures there, and bye-bye dream job.

I’ve never had that happen to me. I’ve been diligent about keeping my Facebook clean, also partly due to the prevalence of family members there. Any rants or negative comments I make are directed only at faceless strangers (“that guy who cut me off today”) or things that everyone rants against (“injustice”). (Okay, not sure I’ve ever ranted about injustice, technically, but it’s just an example.)

When we moved back to California, I originally made the decision to not add work contacts on Facebook. I wanted the option to say something honest about my day, and not have to worry that I was FB friends with someone who had been in the room. Plus there’s the added issue of WordPress, which I frequently link to on my Facebook. (And WordPress links to Twitter…) Too many ways for someone to find me, and find me saying something I shouldn’t.

When I started my current job, it quickly became obvious that I was going to have to become FB friends with work people. Like, a lot of work people. It was partly strictly for work – part of my job is being one of the admins of the work FB page – and it was also partly for ease of access to people. Also, you want to be able to comment on your coworker’s funny status updates, especially when you get that in-joke.

I thought about starting a work-FB page, and just keeping that and my personal page segregated. But that seemed like a lot of unnecessary work. And then I’m going to have two pages. That sounds terrible. And for a little while at least, one page will be sadly sparse. So I decided against that, and directed everyone to my one page.

The lesson here is just not to say ANYTHING online that I wouldn’t say to EVERY single person in my life.

So now I just keep everything nice and clean and positive, and if I have to say anything bitchy or even questionable, I send a text.



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3 responses to “To friend request, or not to friend request?

  1. Holly

    Good call. I’ve actually been in work over a year and not added work friends but not for any particular reason, I’m just not a very big facebook user anyway – maybe that’s the reason…

    • Yeah, it’s a little embarrassing how Facebook-addicted I am. I never thought it would happen to me. Maybe there’s some kind of rehab facility I can check out…

  2. i dont add work friends, but google plus seems to have eliminated this problem, its all a bit of a minefield!!

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