Words With Friends, And Friends

Words With Friends is a dangerously addictive smartphone game, although unlike games like Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, and Peggle, I don’t feel as bad losing hours of my day to it. Because it’s just Scrabble, but over the phone.

(Also, it helps that you have to wait for the other person to play their turn, so you really don’t lose hours to it the way you can to Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, and Peggle.)

So angry!

So, I started playing Words With Friends basically the day I got the phone. I still have the free version, which means after every turn I get to see an ad. Which is a little annoying, but so far hasn’t inspired me to shell out the $1.99 or whatever it is for the ad-free app.

When I started playing, I started of course with the people closest to me – coworkers, friends I talk to every day, etc. But then as I sat there waiting for those people to play their turns (sometimes it takes hours!) I started scrolling through the list of “Facebook friends who are playing!” Then I casually started games with some of those people – the people who I thought would be cool about playing, and wouldn’t be all, “Who’s this beezy?”

When those people didn’t respond instantly – I mean, what good is being connected to WiFi everywhere I go, if people are too busy living their lives to play online Scrabble with me?? – I started games with more Facebook friends. I was now into the tier of friends with whom I rarely have a conversation, although I enjoy looking at their pictures and updates, and we consistently wish each happy birthdays.

Now I’m deep into the second game with one such friend, and it’s crossed my mind a couple times that it’s a strange – but pleasant – situation, and due entirely to technology. Without Facebook and (essentially) anonymous online gaming and smartphones, I would never have kept in touch with this particular person after college, even though I liked her and thought she was cool. (Maybe too cool for me?)

But does this lead to something? More friendship? Actual phone calls? Backyard BBQs? Godmother status to each other’s children? I doubt it. Maybe some texting about the game, that leads to more personalized birthday Facebook messages? Possibly.

It’s not like I’m in a position to be looking any gift friendship horses in the mouth anyway. So I’m just being grateful! We finished one game and she did start a second one, so I guess she’s not looking to get rid of me.

In the meantime, this is my second proudest moment of all of my Words With Friends games so far (name blocked, just in case he doesn’t want that announced):

Second Favorite Moment!

And this is my first! I fought for this victory – this was my first game with this particular guy. Since then, in our second game he CRUSHED me, and we’re now in our third game where I’m hoping to redeem myself.


Seriously, I figure the next step in taking advantage of technology is to start playing with strangers…hint, hint.


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7 responses to “Words With Friends, And Friends

  1. Alyssa

    If I had a smart phone I would play with you, but I know that you would crush me as my vocabulary has diminished to made up childrens words 😉 And i guess I don’t count as a stranger either…

  2. David

    The 3×3 letter block you have there is quite impressive.

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