Top 5 Memorable Moments

Sarah and Vinnie (a San Francisco radio morning show, that I probably spend too much time listening to) reported a recent poll from the UK, in which people listed the 5 most memorable experiences of their lives. Women and men actually had the same top 5, albeit in different orders.

(The poll and more info is here.)

On the radio show, they start by asking each other what their top 5 memorable moments are. I took that time to think of some of my own: getting married, sure. I’d like to say stage managing something – my first show, my first big show, my first NY show? Maybe seeing my first Broadway show?

I bet buying a house will be quite memorable when we get there one day; ditto having kids.

But “leaving home” doesn’t really feel like a single quantifiable act – when I left to go to college I was still basically living at home, and then it’s been a gradual purging, thanks to my parents, to get my stuff out of their house. I’d say that process is still ongoing.

And I’m not even sure what to count as my “first job.” I guess my first full-time adult job was Samuel French, and I do remember getting that job, so maybe that counts.

I intended to wrap this up with a really concise list of my most memorable life landmarks. I’ll just say:

  1. Moving to New York – and the second day when we took the train to Bryant Park and came up out of the subway and all my worried about moving, and my anxieties about how ugly Brooklyn was, melted away;
  2. Getting engaged – specifically the moment I realized what was going on, and by that time we were really into the actual proposal; and
  3. Getting married – after I was all dressed and everyone but the photographer had left the suite and Drew was going to come in, and I realized I didn’t have any of my jewelry on, and I had to shout through the door, “Wait, I need another sec, don’t come in yet!”

And that leaves me room for more things on my list. Because there’s lots of good stuff ahead!


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