Day 4 – Not a picture, but I make up for it with words

Yesterday, around 11:30 am
Hmm…look at those co-workers wearing dresses. I never wear dresses. What’s up with that?

Last night, around 9:00 pm
Yeah, I could definitely wear that one dress I bought at American Eagle like 2 years ago…I have worn it like two times ever. I should do it! I should wear it! I will wear it!

This morning, 8:30 am
Find spanx. Find strapless bra. Put on dress. Inspect self in mirror. Think, I can pull this off.

8:37 am
Hair dryer miraculously works again! Stop while drying hair and look in mirror again. Think, Is this too low-cut?

8:39 am
I could wear a real bra instead of a strapless bra?

8:40 am
This dress is too revealing for work. What will people think? Will they call me slutty?

8:41 am
This dress is not revealing. I am just a prude.

8:43 am
It’s not too late! I could still change! I have freshly washed jeans, and a brand new UCD hoodie. I hear them calling me.

8:45 am
I should be adult about this.

8:46 am
Besides, I have to take advantage of this nice weather before it turns again.

8:47 am
OMG, I hope the weather doesn’t turn bad again any time soon.

8:49 am
Tell self to focus – I have to leave soon. Inspect self for twentieth time this morning. Remember the white cami I bought two months ago expressly for the purpose of wearing under revealing dresses.

8:53 am
After trying to go through clean laundry bag nicely, get desperate and dump laundry all over couch. (Sorry, Drew.)

8:55 pm
Find white tank, do fastest living room quickchange ever, one last inspection in mirror. Approved! I mean, white cami looks kinda weird, but better than making work friends uncomfortable with low-cut dress.

10:00 am
Realize that wearing a dress to work? Not really a momentous occasion in most people’s lives. Adjust to life in a dress rapidly. Just like a skirt, that covers more of you!


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One response to “Day 4 – Not a picture, but I make up for it with words

  1. Craig Marker

    Very funny.

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