Menlo Park, 94025

Day 2 of my Realistically Regular Life: lunch.

My work friend Jonathan dubbed this my "sad-wich."

Trying to find the balance between “no money to spend on food” and “trying to eat healthy” is hard. Sure, I’d love to have piles of money to spend on fresh fruit and tubs of greek yogurt. The reality is that I have to figure out what’s already in the kitchen and how to put it together in the best combinations, to cut back on those daily trips to Safeway.

Some people can make eating on a budget sound glamorous and fun – I’m looking at you, Rachael Ray, traveling Europe and spending the equivalent of a tank of gas every single day and calling it a show. But really? It’s just another morning making another (lean) turkey and (2%) cheese sandwich with (zero WW-points) mustard.


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