Post A Day May

Here’s what I’ve learned, from a month of blogging every day.

  • There is always something to talk about. (Even if it ends up being a private post for some reason.)
  • The more stuff you put out, the more likely that some of it will be good. (This is a lesson I am constantly relearning.)
  • Even if you’re not “promoting” yourself (via Facebook), updating more frequently will make people check more frequently. I noticed a major trend in my site stats, and I think it’s because instead of just waiting for me to post a link on Facebook, some people have started just checking in every day to see what’s up. I like that.

Hopefully I’ve trained these anonymous strangers to continue to check every day. Although if I’m not posting every day that probably won’t last very long. But you never know! There could be new updates at any moment! You’d better check a couple times a day, Anonymous.

Who knows, maybe I’ll update again later today…


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One response to “Post A Day May

  1. My BlogJect

    This rings so true!

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