Spin class fail

I just failed to get into a spin class. I tried to sign up about 4 days ago but I didn’t realize I had to pay a dollar. (I rarely have cash on me at the gym, as I usually leave my purse at home and just take my driver’s license.) Then I went back to try again, but they had already filled the 10 pre-pay spots. They told me they would take 9 walk-ins. So I got there at 10 this morning for the 10:30 class, and they said they had already filled the 9 walk-in spots, but I could be #3 on the wait list. Then at 10:35 there was one bike left (for me!) and then some chick ran past me going, “I’m on the list!” Oh well.

I think I might have to update my gym membership so I can visit other clubs. This club is great but the class schedule is not. They have classes at 5:30 am (too early) or 9:00 am (too late, if I have to get to work at a reasonable hour. I wish there was something at 7:00, or even 8:00. But I saw that at other clubs there are classes I’m interested in, that I can’t get in Pacifica, plus they are at more convenient times.

So I’ll let you know how that goes.

PS. I don’t want you to think that I’m also failing at postaday2011. The last two days have been private entries, mostly because they’re just too boring and “dear diary” to subject them to other people.

PPS. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I’m trying to make it a productive one.


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  1. I would try to find a place that has classes that suit my schedule. Otherwise the result could be in my losing the momentum to exercise 😦

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