My damsel-in-distress moment

I was in the restroom at work today when suddenly everything was plunged into pitch black. I wonder what it says about me that my first thought wasn’t “Earthquake!” or “End of the world!” It was just, “Aw jeez, I forgot to check the timer on the light.”

You know when you hear those stories about the person who goes into the bathroom and turns on the light, and hears the voice from the stall say, “Thank you!” because they’ve been sitting in there in the dark?

I’m not that helpless. Luckily I’m pretty familiar with the layout of the restroom, so I managed to find my way to the light switch pretty easily. I am glad no one walked in while I was feeling my way toward the door.

Anyway. That is pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened all day. Other than that I’ve just been being productive at work, but that’s not particularly exciting. I think this afternoon I might get some new jeans.



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2 responses to “My damsel-in-distress moment

  1. Had a pair of jeans rip apart when I worked at a well known toy company. Luckily my friend Penny D. was a soft toy engineer – meaning she had two industrial sewing machines in her cubicle amidst bins of eyeballs, hair swatches, limbs and scary doll faces. She also had a privacy curtain she made – being the handy sort! Anyway, I ran as demeurely as possible to her office, where she pulled the curtain, I removed my jeans and she repaired the tear in a matter of moments. Problem solved and boy was I relieved! It wasn’t until a week later that we found out the so-called water sprinklers positioned in the ceiling over our desks were actually undercover cameras installed to catch a construction worker who was stealing computers!!!!! I swear the security guards were grinning every time I went past their surveillance room to the parking lot after that……
    Shopping always proves therapeutic after these small dramas…..hope you found some nice, well made jeans!

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