This Perfect Sunday

Do you want to know what your brake pads are NOT supposed to look like?


Ever since I had to stop rather suddenly one day last week, my left front brake had been making a grinding sound. It stressed me out, not because I thought it was dangerous, but because I was afraid what it would end up costing me. The brakes didn’t feel any different, but the grinding wouldn’t stop.

After my dad’s over-the-phone diagnosis, and Drew’s ever-so-informed analysis, this afternoon we went to the parts store and picked up some brake pads, and then my awesome father-in-law “taught” us how to change them out. (Conclusion? It’s not that hard.)

This perfect Sunday has also included finishing this season of 30 Rock, then signing up for a free trial of Hulu Plus so we can watch the second season of Modern Family. We napped. We made steak and mushrooms and corn on the cob for dinner.

The weekends fly by – probably because we spend a lot of them being what some might call unproductive – but the weekdays also fly by, so it’s a fair trade.


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