Thanks, LJ

I am going through my old LiveJournal and saving the good pieces, since it’s really my only reliable journal from the New York Years. I’ve done 2009 and 2008, so tonight I’m working on 2007.

This little gem is from May 21st, 2007…hard to believe it’s already been four years. And so much has happened.

There’s a guy outside, right on the end of the block, warming up on bagpipes…or something.  He’s just standing outside of this hair salon, wearing jeans and a fleece, playing little pieces like he’s getting ready to go onstage somewhere.  At first I thought it was on TV.  It’s sort of beautiful.  I opened the window.



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2 responses to “Thanks, LJ

  1. enjoyed reading your observation.. evocative slice of your life at that time.

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