My crazy Saturday night

Today’s just been one wild party. It started with a visit to the Embarcadero farmer’s market, which is gigantic and awesome. We shopped for fruit, bread, and honey. The fruit is mostly for a salad we’re making for tomorrow night, when we’re having dinner with Drew’s parents, brother and sister-in-law. I expect it will be over the top and full of high jinks.

Then we upped the stakes by going to a matinee of Bridesmaids, using a gift card we got at Christmas. Afterwards we felt really revved up so we came home and washed dishes, and then made dinner: angel hair pasta with garlic, shrimp, asparagus, and mushrooms.

While we ate dinner we channel surfed, because we’re too young and unpredictable to commit to just one channel. Afterwards we broke out the board game Ticket to Ride, which is awesome. We played one game, and then decided for the second time through that we would each take twice as many pieces, so the game would last longer.

Now that we’ve cleaned up the game and are settling down from our wild and crazy Saturday, I just mixed up some chocolate milk and I’m stretching out in my snowman pajamas. Good thing we still have tomorrow to recover from today.

It’s been a really great Saturday. I wouldn’t trade a day like this. And I don’t care what that says about me. =P


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One response to “My crazy Saturday night

  1. myblogject

    Fab post! Love the title too!
    I had a fabulously wild Saturday yesterday…
    fighting with my wardrobe, cleaning, writing a best-selling report (for chartership as an engineer) topped off by a night on the sofa with the wonderful eurovision.
    I let the wild side out at night as I didn’tlock up the apartment either – BECAUSE I didn’t leave the place all day so hadn’t actually unlocked it!!!
    Great post, weekends like this are sometimes the best!

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