Hurry up and type

Writing under a deadline is fun for me, even helpful sometimes.

However, when the deadline is “I want to go to sleep” and the reason I haven’t written yet today is “I’ve been out at a Giants game” and my computer is situated so I have to sit in the draft coming through the sliding glass door…writing under a deadline is just annoying.

So let it be quick: Today I saw the Giants play the Diamondbacks. I won’t spoil anything because I have a ton of cameraphone pictures (I know right!!) for tomorrow. So get ready.

For now I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from the adorable (loud) 4-year-old sitting behind us for the first 3 innings.

“Chocolate is VERY BAD for you. But it’s yummy. Because it’s made of basically PURE SUGAR.”

Later: “I saw an eagle! I saw THREE EAGLES!” (After looking up in awe, I realized she was talking about seagulls. A letdown, but also precious.)


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  1. myblogject

    Haha, so random those quotes. Eagles / seagulls = tomatoes/tomatos! haha!

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