Contact lens blues

Finally changed my contacts today. I probably waited too long. The brand I use is super expensive for some reason – I should probably go to an eye doctor and switch to a different brand. One pair of contacts is supposed to last me 3 months. I definitely wear them longer than that though. Four pair come in a box, and I just switched over to the third pair of four. Since moving back to California. In July of 2009. I figure I probably went nine months on these babies. They must be wrecked.

I just looked up the cost of Lasik. Under $5000 for both eyes? I am excited to make this happen one day. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to open my eyes in the morning and see clearly.



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2 responses to “Contact lens blues

  1. jen

    uhhh….disposable contacts you can get away with wearing for 6 months or maybe even longer if they are kept clean. normally not for 9 months. maybe it’s a world record.

    also, if you know your degree of fuzziness you can order contacts online. much cheaper.

    • I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately the brand I use doesn’t have the same measurements as other contact lens brands, so I can’t just switch. I have to go to a doctor and get refitted. I tried just ordering a cheaper brand online a couple years ago, but I got shut down, haha.

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