Let’s get some (diversified) shoes

One of the grown-up things I’ve done this year is set up a 403b account (basically a 401k for a nonprofit). I’ve been paying into it for about 6 weeks now (I know right?) so I wanted to check it out online and see what kind of massive numbers I’ve racked up. So I called up my financial representative so she could help me set up my online sign-in.

Done and done.

She decided to walk me through some of the account. I felt pretty adult and was comprehending everything, but then she decided to explain the diversifying of funds by saying, “It’s like you’re buying several different pairs of shoes, and you want to collect as many different kinds of shoes as possible. You want a whole closet full of shoes!”

I kind of wanted to tell her she could give the shoes metaphor a rest – I mean I do admire shoes, but I don’t buy them the way other girls do (if I’m to believe other girls shop like Carrie Bradshaw).

But then she moved on to talking about the mid cap index and foreign value and other stuff, and she totally lost me, and I sort of wished she’d go back to the shopping metaphor.

Soon after that we got off the phone and I was just grateful that someone has taken the reins of my money and set me up with what will hopefully turn out to be best for me.

Here’s to a long and profitable relationship with my 403b! And to retiring at a reasonable age!



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4 responses to “Let’s get some (diversified) shoes

  1. Hubby can help if you ever have any questions. 😀

  2. myblogject

    HAHA… we don’t get customer service like that, let alone analogies regarding collecting shoes!

  3. Aunt Denise

    What a responsible, young woman, you are!

  4. David

    When I saw the title I thought the post would be about shoes from different races (of people, although it would make a good pun about foot races).

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