One amazing thing about the internet is that you can put yourself out there for all to see. Then they all can look at you and pass you on to their friends. Their friends can also like you and pass you on. This is all free. The internet provides great opportunities for marketing and promoting yourself. However, when it comes time to get paid for things…not so easy.

For instance, I have started submitting these “guest commentary” pieces to the Lake County Record-Bee. Fun for me, fun for my family to see those words in print, and convenient to submit online. Hopefully some people – even strangers maybe! – will read that, enjoy it, and smile. Then maybe they’ll stop by here to see what else is up. But I’m not making any money off of this, and I’m also not really concerned about tracking where this stuff ends up.

The people who post the giant, bolded “copyright” text at the bottom of all of their blog columns…it just makes me roll my eyes. If someone wants to steal something from here and post it elsewhere, well, then I’ll deal with that when it happens. Until then, I can only dream of my biggest problem being that too many people are interested in what I’m saying.

The now-infamous Jonathan Amores is, in fact, dealing with too many people liking his work. When Jonathan took his hipstamatic photo at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, he never dreamed that one day, hipsters and yuppies all over the internet would be enjoying it…teal wash and all.

Jonathan’s photo somehow made it onto Reddit, Sad and Useless, and also The Daily What. All without his knowledge or effort. Also, unfortunately, without his name attached to any of it. The glories and the pitfalls of the internet.

But I’m here to set the record straight.

PS. This is a really great photo, I totally see how it spread all over the internet. Props, jamores!


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One response to “Dinusoars

  1. I know it is not the point of the post, but the person who wrote that is kinda silly… the reason for the loss of the dinos is a lot different then the reason for the loss of polar bears… just sayin’. 😀

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