Search term showdown

I’ve been keeping an eye lately on my WordPress “search terms” – one of my favorite things about WordPress is the stats page, and I love that they tell you what people Googled (or Yahooed or Binged or whatever) to get to you.  I actually really dig the fact that a lot of my search terms are “cameraphone diaries.”  But some of the others are perplexing, or just plain amusing.

go to church – Well, I did at one point talk about wanting to go back to church. So okay.

gerchanovsky motorola – One of my proudest ones! I knew that if I was confused why “Gerchanovsky” showed up in my predictive texts, other people would be too. And I figured that if I Googled it, other people would too. So I just took advantage of that.

what the easiest temple to draw – I did crayon drawings of the sets of Aida after I saw it at the SF Opera…

miss america 2011 michael jackson ballet – Ditto writing a post on the Miss America competition this year

miss america 2011 irish dancing talent – See above

establishing windows and walls in a relationship – I am also so proud of this one! This was actually a post about the concept (and sagacity) of establishing windows and walls in a relationship. I love the idea that someone was actually searching for info about this, and I was able to provide said info.

what do you give a male actor on opening night of a show – I might have been helpful here, I might not have. Maybe they stole my whole pencil/pen/highlighter idea (which I also stole from someone).

“dead seagull prop” – I understand why they would find me; I just am curious why they were Googling this.

list of all justin beiber songs including the ones from when he was younger – Taking advantage of all the tweens Googling “justin beiber” and clicking on every link possible. As I recall I just mentioned offhandedly how, when I was subbing, I heard a lot of Justin Beiber songs.

why could i be be bruising – No idea

charlie sheen winning – I just wanted someone to Google this and find me. #jumpingonthebandwagon

i call the police due to aggressive nature of my handicapped client – This made me laugh out loud. Then I realized how many of my search terms include the word “aggressive,” thanks to my “be aggressive” post.

girl family undeveloped xhamster – No idea

i go to the bathroom frequently how will this work for jury duty – Also made me LOL. I don’t think I helped them out at all, but I wish them luck. And also one of those bags you wear at sporting events so you don’t have to get up to the bathroom.


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  1. I love this post! search terms have always cracked me up. I actually wrote my own post with search terms that people used to find my blog. my favorites: “sex for singing” & “football players downs their short pants.”

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