Yesterday I got paid.  A mid-month paycheck, as most people will know, is a special thing, since you don’t have rent looming over you.

Last night I went crazy paying bills, paying credit cards, I paid off my Macys store card (who knows when the last time THAT had a zero balance was).  I even bought myself Microsoft Office which I have been coveting for years.

This morning at Starbucks I got charged an extra $1.40 for my decaf latte, and after checking my receipt, I got back in line to get that mess refunded.

So I guess there are some things that even feeling flush with cash won’t change.



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2 responses to “Perspective

  1. I love that! You were “flush with cash” but still wanted to fight for your $1.40. I would have done the same thing. LOL

  2. David

    The same sort of mentality causes me to spend time driving to a farther-away gas station to save less than a dollar on a tank of gas.

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