Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men earlier this week, or late last week, or something.  I’m not sure, I’m a full week behind in my Sarah and Vinnie podcasts.  But so he was fired, like, officially.  Fired!  I thought about all the times I’ve been fired.

Oh wait.  I’ve never been fired. 

I’ve left jobs the right way, with 2 weeks’ notice and a decent, above-board reason for leaving (Wild Greens, Entertainment-Link). 
I’ve left jobs the shady way, emailing to say I’m not coming back (Jazz at Lincoln Center, and, I’m sorry to say, the SF Opera). 
I’ve left jobs because my time there has clearly expired (school jobs, Marin Theatre and other stage management gigs). 
I’ve left jobs and been totally relieved (box office for the NYPL, anyone?) and I’ve left and been totally bummed (Samuel French, Nightmare Haunted House).  
I even left a job halfway through training, day 1 (‘wichcraft).  

But I’ve never, ever been fired from a job.

Even when I might sort of have deserved to be fired.

So I guess aside from the fact that I’ve had about 25 jobs over the last 8 years, I’ve actually been pretty lucky.


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  1. Molly

    Or perhaps it could just be because you’re a good worker who, even at her worst is still a better worker and a better person than charlie sheen ever was. I really have a feeling it has vvery little to do with luck. 

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