Potpourri 2

Today is the second day in a row that I’ve put 4 brand new bobby pins into my pocket, intending to use them in my hair as soon as it’s sort of dry, and after arriving at work found that I only have 3 bobby pins left.  I’m not sure where the fourth one goes, I mean it must fall out somewhere, but when?  This morning, after realizing that I only had three – AGAIN – I spotted something on the floor of the car in the passenger side, and pounced on it, thinking it was an abandoned bobby pin.  But alas, it was a piece of plastic trash. Lucky for me, the person who sat at this desk before me left a SINGLE bobby pin in a cup of paper clips.  Victory!

Last weekend I went and saw Sam’s new baby.  He’s gorgeous.  I held him for over 2 hours and he didn’t cry.  Just made sleepy noises.  Adorable.  Plus he was dressed in a little froggie onesie.  Why do babies get all the cute clothes?  I want a froggie footsie onesie with sleeves that turn into little mittens.  That sounds so comfortable.

Anyone else enraptured with Charlie Sheen’s downward spiral?



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2 responses to “Potpourri 2

  1. jen

    wait, do you really want a onesie? i think i can have that arranged. i know people who sew.

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