How I’ve missed you, weekends.

Collapse production photo

On Friday Drew and I went to Berkeley to see Collapse at the Aurora Theatre.  This was closing weekend and they were totally sold out, but we were #1 on the walk-in list because I called three weeks ago and did industry walk-in because I was too cheap to pay for tickets.

Luckily we got in, and we even got two seats together.  The show was great, funny, and only 80 minutes, which we both loved since it had been kind of a long week, and we had to catch BART back.  Sitting in the lobby beforehand, waiting to be let in to the empty seats, I flipped through the program and read everyone’s bios, and I started to feel that itchy feeling that I recognize all too well: I like being backstage, I like being part of a production team, I like meeting a whole rush of new people every couple months.  Oh no, am I going to miss PA-ing?  One week back on the real-job wagon and I’m already looking for a new fix?

Then, while watching the show, the crew is moving furniture around in a low-ish level transition light, and I’m sitting there, wearing green, out on a date on a Friday night, all weekend stretching ahead of me, and I thought, “Hells no, I made the right choice.”

On Saturday Drew and I went up to Milagra Ridge and climbed around.  The views are gorgeous and it was great to get some fresh air.  Lucky we went when we did, since it clouded up pretty good later than afternoon.

By that time, we were grocery shopping with a little windfall of cash we had come across.  We were also buying girl scout cookies, and I was buying used paperbacks from a thrift store next to Safeway – four Stephen King books (that I need for my complete Stephen King collection) for a dollar each.  (I would have paid up to $4 per book, but don’t tell them that.)  (Today I swung by that thrift store and found Brian Jacques’ Redwall.)

This, by the way, is the picture I took and sent to Erin, to try to convince her to move back to California.

Pacifica, from Milagra Ridge

And what better way to start a lazy Sunday…than by calling the cops on a domestic dispute happening right outside your window?  We were awakened by a man yelling, “Gimme my phone!” and a woman yelling, “Gimme my baby!” and screeching tires.  Still not sure what was going on, but, because of the repeated screaming at each other, the manhandling of said baby, and the fact that I saw the cops outside the couple’s building just a few weeks ago, possibly talking to the same guy…Drew called and requested an officer to come out and make sure everything was okay.  So that was our Sunday excitement.

Both yesterday and today we made dinner and watched Dexter (we finished Season 2 tonight), and just hung out.  Incredible.  I could get used to this.  I could get way addicted to making dinners and packing lunches and going to bed at 11:00 to get up at 7:00 and go to the gym and go to work and watching TV at night and being around on Tuesday nights for friends dinner…you get the idea.  This is living.


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