Bit by bit, putting it together

So this is what’s going on right now, just because I know that sometimes a “this is what’s up” post is necessary.

Seagull goes on, 8 or 9 shows a week.
Meanwhile I’m trying (and failing) to keep up my hours at the Opera.
Meanwhile meanwhile, I have been working on paperwork etc to start substitute teaching for two of the Peninsula school districts.  So I finished that on Tuesday (it was a super busy day, with me at 3 different school locations between 8:30-11:30, and then heading to Redwood City to see my friend Sam while she’s still pregnant).  Tuesday is yesterday.  So this morning at like 8:30, the HR person from one of the districts calls to tell me that my prints cleared and she’s lined up 3 jobs for me.

Wait, wait, though.  Because this is how our interactions have gone so far.

Me: Hi, I want to sub for you guys.
HR: We don’t really have work right now, maybe after the New Year.

Me: Hi, I still want to sub.
HR: Great, I’ll call you this week to bring you in.

(Later in January)
Me: Hi, are you going to call me?
HR: Well, we don’t really have a lot of work right now, but I said I’d bring you in, so okay, I guess.
Me: *doesn’t respond to email for a couple days because that doesn’t sound promising*
HR: Are you going to call me or what?
Me: Okay…

HR: Hi, I lined up 3 jobs for you next week.
(Later today)
HR: Hi, also for this Friday, at a preschool.
(A little later today, on the phone)
HR: Hi, are you busy now? Want to go on a job?
Me: I’m at work already!

Anyway, that’s that.  So hopefully this is what she means by “not a lot of work” and I can get work at least 3-4 days a week.  Fingers crossed majorly.

So work plus Seagull equals I haven’t been to the gym in a week and I haven’t seen anyone besides Drew or people I work with in almost three weeks.  They just asked me if I want to do this same job on the next show and I’m praying that I won’t have to do that.  But…you know, I’m grateful the opportunity is there.  That’s really, really nice to know.

Other activities in my life:

-Reading Oliver Twist, which is taking so much longer than I’d anticipated.  Maybe because I keep cheating with other books.
-Watching Dexter (we’re only on Season 2 and are creeping through it at a snail’s pace.  But if I had a whole day I think I would tear it up.  It took me about half the first season, but I’m interested now).
-Still attempting to write, which I can totally do backstage on paper.  And today my producer (!) and I submitted 2 short plays to the Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Play Festival, which is in July.  So, you know, fingers crossed on that too.

All in all though, I’d say I’m pretty happy with 2011 so far.


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