How many times can I reuse the “car-ma” pun?

My car was making this infrequent shudder, even after I put 3 new quarts of oil in it a week ago.  This was causing me no end of frustration and anxiety…what could possibly be wrong?  When it comes to computers and cars, I’m completely and totally helpless.  I can barely diagnose the problem on my own, let alone solve it.  This was, like, weighing on me heavily.

Finally today, I took the car to the oil change place (which, btw, is across the street from our apartment…what was my excuse for not going earlier?).  While sitting in my car, in line, I realized I was feeling intense anxiety pangs.  Akin to those felt right before a visit to the lady-doctor.  No, not even that.  Because at least when I have had to sit in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood while I wait for my appointment (which is guaranteed to be at least 45 minutes late), I know that they’re not going to find anything wrong.  No, this feeling was more on par with a long-overdue visit to the dentist, when you know you have a cavity and no insurance.

So the first thing the guy did was say, “Come out here, I want to show you something.”  This is when my heart drops to my stomach, because you don’t want them to have to “show you something.”  (I debated whether or not to admit here in writing that last week, when I put  more oil in, I left the oil cap off – again.  So that explains the shuddering.)  Humiliated, even though he was very nice about it, I got back in the car.

They changed the oil.  They checked the pressure on the tires.  They checked all my lights.  (When he asked me to turn on the right turn signal I definitely turned on the left one, and three guys laughed at me and said everyone does that.)  They filled up my wiper fluid.  They gave me a list of things they recommend I get done, but no one pressured me to do it today.

Definitely less painful than I was fearing.  And in the tenth of a mile I had to drive to get home, the car did feel better.  And knowing that I have a list of things I should try to get done in the new year is encouraging.  Especially because the most expensive of them is a little over $100…not the $3000 I was terrified of.

So all in all, it’s been a good day.


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