National novel writing month

I don’t want to turn this into a month-long thing, but this is about Nanowrimo.  I have a problem.  I admire, respect, envy, and (yes, even) love the writing styles of Ira Levin and Emily Giffin, in particular among all writers.  I want to sound like them.  I don’t sound like them.  So far I feel like my writing is much more “Dear Diary, Today this happened, then this happened, then the characters went over there, then we talked about this.”  I know it’s probably not as bad as it sounds in my head but it’s certainly not the crafted language of Ira Levin or even the devourable writing of Emily Giffin.  I’m hoping that if I keep pushing this out I will at some point (hopefully by this weekend) hit my stride and find the voice, and then I can go back and tweak the beginning.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m writing backstage, sitting on stairs, hunched over a UCD notebook, illuminated by blue light.  It’ll be nice when this show is over.

The End.

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