Follow the white rabbit

Yesterday on my way to work I saw a glitch in the Matrix.

I was driving north on 19th Avenue, and as I passed Rivera St I noticed a large yellow truck parked on the east side of the intersection, on the north side of Rivera.  The truck said AMERICAN GROUT SPECIALISTS on the side of it and was covered in testimonials as to the greatness of their experience and knowledge.  I registered this the way you register anything unimportant while you’re driving, and then as I passed Quintara St I saw the truck again!  Parked in the same spot, same orientation, same truck!  I knew I couldn’t have made that up, so I thought, Wow, the Matrix does exist.  And continued on my way.  And promptly forgot about it.

This morning the truck was there on Rivera again, and I got a little excited because I had forgotten about my adventure down the rabbit-hole.  Until I passed Quintara and saw another identical truck.  I don’t think the Matrix would glitch twice like that, do you?  So I guess there are just two trucks and they happened to get great parking spots.  It’s a little disappointing.


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